Baby Massage

For generations, Indonesians have been massaging their babies as a part of a daily routine and when babies are not feeling well.

It is good to know that the time you are spending massaging your baby is generating more benefit than an application of moisturizer or oil after bath time.

Some of the benefits of baby massage are:

  • it helps to improve communnication between mom and child
  • it helps to calm ans relaxes the baby
  • it regulates breathing
  • strengthens the immune system
  • it helps to increase circulation, improve digestion, relieving colic and constipation

Important to remember for a baby massage !

  • Babies are not miniatures of adults, use loving hands and gentle massage technique.
  • Be careful in the chest area
  • Mind your hands, do not massage the baby with cold hands, always check that your hands are warm
  • To improve digestion, massage in clockwise direction

If you are afraid to massage your baby by yourself, don’t worry, at Varastri Salon & Day Spa in Yogyakarta¬†¬†you can have our midwife or terapis to do that for you.



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